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The force behind 'she' success

5 successful character traits to rise in your career and relationships

Wit and humour

Have you noticed how some people can be a breath of fresh air and everyone enjoys their company? They are good at keeping things light and not taking everything too seriously. Yes, wit and humour is the essence of life. Imagine a world where no one laughs and no one smiles. If smiling and laughing can change the atmosphere so much, why don’t we do it more often? Because we take life way too seriously. Let’s not overrate things and take a lighter spirit. Give a good laugh to people around you and you will see the difference almost immediately. To improve your relationships at home and at work, add more humour to your everyday life.

Positive thinking

Yes, times are tough and you are sad and upset and even angry. But always remember nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. Keeping hope alive and looking out for the best is all you need to keep yourself motivated. And yes, remember point number 1, add wit and humour to your everyday life. The emphasis is on every day here. Laugh daily. Make someone laugh daily.

Helping others

You should do it for two reasons- firstly because someone gets benefitted and may find a solution to their problem through you and secondly because it teaches you through second-hand experience. You learn what others did wrong and use that knowledge to avoid potential pitfalls.

Say no to gossips 

Nobody benefits from gossips. And remember who gossips with you will gossip about you behind your back. So never fuel these discussions. If you find that you have become a victim of gossip then learn these 6 killer things to say when you hear a gossip about yourself. Also, read how to handle gossipers  and how to handle gossip at work

Healthy mind, healthy body

Meditation for a healthy mind and exercises with clean eating for a healthy body. Who doesn’t know that right! Just implement it, one change, one day at a time. Research suggests that if you need to change your habit, try to do it consistently for 15 days and your body and mind will adapt to the change by then and it will be less effort to do the new routine. e.g. if you want to rise early in the morning, try to consistently get up at the same time every morning and your body clock will slowly adapt to this change and by the end of day 15, you will find yourself waking up without an alarm. It works! Try it!

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