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Legacy of your tresses 

Personal grooming is one of the most important aspect of your personality to bear in mind if you are looking to climb your corporate ladder. Your hair can make or break your image. A clean tidy look can help you create a positive image on your clients and colleagues. Clumsy, frizzy half tied hair can make you look unprofessional, untidy and unorganised. 

If you want others to take you seriously, pay attention to your looks. You don’t have to pay a bomb to look neat. You don’t have to buy expensive products nor do you have to speak in an accent. 

A well groomed hair is the most important part of your personality. Keep your mane well groomed and see how it makes you feel good about yourself. 
We went to Jean-Claude Biguine at R City mall in Ghatkopar to find out how they can help us achieve the best professional look.

Senior stylist Chhaya gave an excellent advice for a neat and clean straight haircut. The layers of hair were making it frizzy and dry. So we decided to get rid of the steps and go for a straighter look. 

The haircut didn’t take long.

 Chhaya spent some time using the Dafni hair straightening brush so that the hair settles down nice and smooth. 

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